Strip and Wax Service

Who Offers Strip and Wax Services in Houston, Dallas and surrounding areas?

Who Offers Strip and Wax Services in Houston, Dallas and surrounding areas?

Turn to EFM Solutions to maintain your vinyl floors

You may not notice it anymore, but your dull vinyl floors are diminishing the aesthetic of your commercial space. EFM Solutions of Houston, TX offers strip and wax services to give your high-traffic areas a shiny and clean appearance. We'll strip the dirty layer of wax from your floors and apply three layers of wax for floors that look as good as new. You can rely on us to complete this delicate process with close attention to detail for a shine that will remain intact for years.

Our stripping and waxing services are mainly offered for clients who need routine services to be provided on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. However, we do offer one time stripping and waxing services for properties that are 5,000+ sq ft.

Dial 713-354-9673 to schedule a strip and wax service for your vinyl floors.

We also service Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio & Austin.

4 reasons to strip and wax your floors

Caring for your floors is a great way to demonstrate the cleanliness and appearance of your commercial space. Here are a few reasons to let us maintain your vinyl floors:

  1. We'll remove stains and debris from your floors
  2. We'll give your floors an immaculate luster
  3. Our service will add to the longevity of your floors
  4. We can keep your floors presentable for extended periods of time

Consult with EFM Solutions about maintaining your floors with a strip and wax service.